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Ground School

A big part of flight training is all about aeronautical knowledge, that is why every pilot is required to pass the FAA Written Exam. The Private Pilot Written consists of 60 questions on topics listed in the Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards, and you will need a 70% or better to pass. To take the written test you will need a certificate from an approved course, either an in person or online ground school, or an endorsement from an instructor, after completing a home study course. Students don't need to currently be training with an instructor to take the written test and are encouraged to do so sooner than later. These tests are taken at specific testing locations which can be found here

Online Ground School

Sporty's Learn to Fly Course


Learn about MedXPress here

FAA MedXPress Program 

Try the medical self assessment on AOPA's website to see if BasicMed is right for you


                AOPA Self Assessement

Then print out the medical exam checklist off the FAA website to take to your doctor with you

                   Medical Checklist


A medical examination is required to get a private pilot certificate. You do not need it before you start your training, however you will need it before you solo. Most people pass the medical examination with no problem. We do however recommend you get your medical sooner than later in order to avoid any delay in you being able to solo! If you have a medical condition and you're not sure if it will keep you from getting a medical or not, feel free to talk to an instructor or a medical examiner.

You can preview the MedXpress form here: Practice Application

Below are a list of designated medical examiners. Please be aware that your normal physician may or may not be certified to issue airman medicals.

Before you take your medical be sure to go online and fill out the require paperwork: MedXPress

*You must print and bring paperwork with you to your appointment!


Sonoma County doctors


Napa County doctors


Marin County doctors


San Francisco doctors

Young Aviators

You can start flying at any age. However, a solo flight cannot happen until the student is 16 years of age and must be 17 years old to get their license. 

Any student under 18 needs to have a minor consent form signed by their legal guardian.

Minor Consent Form 

Renters Insurance

Owned/non-owned aircraft renters insurance is a requirement to rent PPTC aircraft. -

We recommend shopping around at different insurance companies to see who gives you the coverage you want at the best price -  

Aviation Marine Insurance

Avemco Insurance

AOPA Insurance

USAA Aviation Insurance

Assured Partners Aerospace

Replacement License 

For a lost license, change of address, or new hard copy of your license go to this website: 

FAA website

Non- U.S. Citizens

If you are not a US citizen, you can still get your pilots license. These links will help guide you through the process of getting TSA approval for flight training. 

Contacting the Oakland FISDO

Non-U.S. citizen student process

Petaluma Airport Information
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