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Introductory Flight 

The first step to becoming a pilot! Go for an exciting hour long flight and get the feel of what's its like to maneuver an airplane and see some great views! (Future pilot only. No passengers)
Young Aviators Flight

This is for the young aviation enthusiast! Let them get behind the controls of an airplane and see what its like to fly!
The flight is about 30-45 minutes and is only for the future aviators under 15.   (Future pilot only. No passengers)

Lets Get Started!

No introductory flight needed? This is for the aviation enthusiast who is ready to start their training today! 5 hours of instructor time and 3 hours of airplane time. This is a great start to working towards that lifelong dream of becoming a pilot.
Rusty Pilot Package

The perfect way to get your Captain back on course to being current again. This package is for 2 hours of instructor time and 1 hour in the airplane. It's a great start to get them back in the air and brush that rust off.
Sight Seeing Tour  

Always wanted to see Sonoma County from a different view? A sight seeing tour is it! Spend an hour or more looking at the wineries, beaches and the Golden Gate Bridge. (1 hour is $300. Each additional passenger is $25. Up to 3 people, weight depending)
Specific Dollar Amount

Just want to give someone a dollar amount to put towards their flying adventures? You can do that too!

Sight Seeing Tours

The sight seeing flight can be as long, or as short as you want them to be.  These flights are in N1036M only, and are $300 per hour for one person. Plus $25 for each additional passenger. The plane can hold 3 passengers, depending on weight limitations.

Please feel free to call for more information.


*Introductory and Young Aviator flights are for 1 person only. 

Gift Certificate number or deposit must be provided upon scheduling flight

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