We are so happy to be back in the air, but not without appropriate safety precautions. Masks are required at all times in the office and while flying and sanitation procedures are in place for each airplane. 

Please be patient with us as we are getting back up to full speed. The office is not always staffed, so please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. 


Together we can all get through this. 


The newest addition to the fleet!

A Cessna 182P!

Do you have any pictures you've taken while flying with us? We'd love to share them! Send them to us here


Petaluma Pilots, located at the Petaluma Municipal Airport (O69), is dedicated to providing top quality aircraft for rental and flight training.

Online scheduling allows you to choose when you want to fly, instead of being told when you can. Once you are registered, you can reserve your preferred plane in advance for either a training session or, if you already have your certificate, log on to rent a plane.

You can benefit from decades of accumulated knowledge about our planes and pilot training from our great instructors. We also do all of our maintenance on site through our parent company, Mangon Aircraft.

Call us at (707) 765-1889 to schedule an introductory flying lesson today! 

 Click here to see what the requirements are to become a pilot

Private Pilot, Instrument, and High Performance training

Always dreamed of flying a plane? We can help you achieve that dream! But why stop once you get your private pilot certificate? You can continue your training and get your instrument rating! Or if want to get your high performance and complex endorsement, we've got the aircraft for you!

Planes for Rent


Already have your certificate and just want a plane to fly? We have a few different options for you depending on what kind of plane you like.
Pilot Supplies



Need supplies for ground school? Charts? General pilot supplies? Or been out of the flying game for a while and need to pick up some refresher books? We've got you covered! If we don't have it, we can get it for you!


First timer:
Give us a call and we'll book you an appointment

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(Owned/non-owned aircraft renters insurance is a requirement to rent PPTC aircraft.
- We recommend shopping around at different insurance companies to see who gives you the coverage you want at the best price - 
Aviation Marine Insurance
Avemco Insurance
AOPA Insurance
USAA Aviation Insurance
AssuredPartners Aerospace
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