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Petaluma Pilot Training Center tries its very best to accommodate all our pilots, however, PPTC does have general policy guidelines to be followed in addition to our renter’s agreement.


  • PPTC GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY: All renters shall maintain 2000’ elevation whilst flying over the City of Petaluma. 


  • If you book an aircraft, we ask that you notify us of your intentions in the notes section while submitting booking.  Before we dispatch aircraft, PPTC needs the following information; flight details, is this VFR or IFR, do you intend to fly a X-Country flight, what is your flight destination.


  • Passenger Policy: Please notify PPTC if you intend to carry passengers so we can update the flight dispatch.


  • There is to be NO instruction in PPTC planes other than with our own instructors.  Please keep in mind the person renting the plane is required to sit left seat for insurance reasons


  • If a plane is left excessively dirty, cluttered, or bodily fluids are left behind, it is a $100 cleaning fee.  Please double check you are not leaving anything behind such as trash, personal flight equipment, pens.


  • Always replace aircraft tie downs, put on pitot cover, sunshades, chocks, and if the aircraft was covered please replace the cover onto the plane.  Return the plane as it was received.


  • No manipulation of lessons. Renter cannot make a booking for a lesson intending on it being a scenic flight or get dropped off at another airport.  PPTC is a flight school, we do not do charter flights.

  • Full Stop Landings- There will be no touch and go practice permitted in PPTC aircraft anywhere unless authorized.


  • There is a strict no smoking policy in all PPTC aircraft and around PPTC grounds.


  • No pets or companion animals will be allowed, strictly service animals only.


  • PPTC’s aircraft are available outside of normal business hours.  We have an outside of business hours procedure for the retrieving and leaving of AC binders.


  • Please do not set parking brakes while at the Petaluma Municipal Airport, do however put tire chocks and hook up tie downs. 


  • Please use spout provided when adding oil to airplane. If you spill, please notify staff so we can clean it.


  • As a courtesy to the owners of Schellville Airport, we ask you avoid using their airport.


  • Please do not put anything on the glare shield, it can scratch the inside of the window.


  • Use the tow bar provided in the baggage compartment to move airplane. DO NOT push on the spinner to move the airplane.


  • If there is a discrepancy on an airplane, please let staff know so that we may address it.


  • We do our best to keep our fleet fueled for your convenience.  But on occasion such as a busy weekend or a day that we have a high volume of rentals, it becomes difficult to be able to fuel all the planes.  Please understand that sometimes you will have to fuel your own plane.  Check with staff for self-serve fueling procedures.

Petaluma Pilot Training Center's Airplane Renter's Agreement - Flight Simulator Rental Agreement

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